Part of speech: noun

The act or habit of neglecting; heedlessness; carelessness.

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Usage examples "negligence":

  1. And was it not criminal negligence in him to have suffered her to escape from her attendants? - "Archibald Malmaison", Julian Hawthorne.
  2. Good clerks suffer because of the negligence of indifferent ones; but the former bring up the average of work- and that is all the bank cares. - "A Canadian Bankclerk", J. P. Buschlen.
  3. There was a womanly refinement in its careless negligence, and even the delicate wrapper of Japanese silk, gathered at the waist and falling in easy folds to the feet of the graceful mistress of this charming disorder, looked a part of its refined abandonment. - "Susy, A Story of the Plains", Bret Harte.