What does the word Neer mean?

Usage examples for Neer

  1. Landscape and marine painting are represented by beautiful gems from the hands of Ruysdael, Berghem, Van de Velde, Van der Neer, Bakhuisen, and Everdingen. – Holland, v. 1 (of 2) by Edmondo de Amicis
  2. By name Joyce Dovey dwelling at Bewdley neer Worcester ... – A History of Witchcraft in England from 1558 to 1718 by Wallace Notestein
  3. By this you find I am to Millaine neer Ally'd; but more to tempt your fury on My life, know 'twas my valiant father took Your brother prisoner, and presented him Where he receiv'd his death, my father that So oft hath humbled you in war, and made His victories triumph almost upon The ruines of your state. – The Principles of English Versification by Paull Franklin Baum