Part of speech:

Needy; destitute.

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Usage examples "necessitous":

  1. She is overflowing with love and good will, but being too shy or too proud to offer it to her fellow- creatures, she expends it upon the necessitous inhabitants of earth, air, and water with the most charming philanthropy. - "Moods", Louisa May Alcott.
  2. The person who undertook the main portion of the vigils was a certain Aunt Maria- whom the girls knew to be not a real aunt, not a powerful, effective aunt like Aunt Harriet of Axe- but a poor second cousin of John Baines; one of those necessitous, pitiful relatives who so often make life difficult for a great family in a small town. - "The Old Wives' Tale", Arnold Bennett.
  3. In such a manner I took leave of the station and those connected with it, after directing that the share of the spoil which fell by the law of this Island to my lot should be sold and the money of exchange faithfully divided among the virtuous and necessitous of both sexes. - "The Mirror of Kong Ho", Ernest Bramah.