Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to the nose; pronounced through or with the aid of the nose.

Part of speech: noun

A nasal sound or letter, as m.

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Usage examples "nasal":

  1. Inside the house there was an occasional clatter of plates and dishes, or the resonant nasal cry of " Auguste," or " Henri," from one or other of the servants, but that was all. - "My Little Lady", Eleanor Frances Poynter.
  2. " I heard," he said in a good- natured, slightly nasal tone, " you made a sunrise call on us one day last week." - "Nan of Music Mountain", Frank H. Spearman.
  3. Through the mists of half consciousness she heard the musical rattle of the tea things, and presently there came the catchy, rather nasal tones of Adele's voice over the clatter of china and silver. - "Molly Brown's Senior Days", Nell Speed.