Part of speech: verb

To mutiny.

Part of speech: noun

One who takes part in mutiny.

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Usage examples "mutineer":

  1. A few minutes' pause had ensued after the fearful death scream of the mutineer, Smith, had rung forth on the night air, for the seamen consulted together, and the result was soon seen. - "The Ruined Cities of Zululand", Hugh Mulleneux Walmsley.
  2. " Then you will be treated as a mutineer and run the risk of being shot without the benefit of a drum- head court- martial," said the captain; whereupon the men backed off, thrust their hands into their pockets and looked at him and at one another. - "Rodney The Partisan", Harry Castlemon.
  3. He climbed them like a squirrel, and the man in the cro'nest, amazed at the sight below him, stared at the approaching mutineer, unable to utter a cry. - "The Second Deluge", Garrett P. Serviss.