Part of speech: noun

An informal concert, as at a private house. musical.

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Usage examples "musicale":

  1. Of my articles on Chopin in the " France Musicale," which I am likely to spin out through fifteen numbers, you have probably not heard at Zurich. - "Correspondence of Wagner and Liszt, Volume 1", Francis Hueffer (translator).
  2. It seemed that Mrs. Condor was giving a little musicale in Ned Stillman's apartments on the following Friday night, and, if one could believe such a thing, the lady implied that the evening would scarcely be complete without the presence of Claire Robson- or, to put it more properly, Claire Robson and her mother. - "The Blood Red Dawn", Charles Caldwell Dobie.
  3. There were several young gentlemen from the Eastern States stopping at the principal hotel in San Diego, and they came to Alamar almost daily, to have a dance, or picnic, or musicale, or a card party. - "The Squatter and the Don", C. Loyal.