Part of speech: noun

Ammunition; war- material.

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Usage examples "munition":

  1. She stands upon pillars, on rocks, on the munition of rocks; stand therefore she must, whether the world believes it or no. - "The Works of John Bunyan Volume 3", John Bunyan.
  2. In the French army the peasant soldier is jealous and sore because he has had to bear the chief burden of the fighting, while the mechanic has to a great extent been kept for munition making, transport, and essential civil industry. - "Another Sheaf", John Galsworthy.
  3. The King of France has long ago only waited for a word from me to make me chief colonel of a long- tailed regiment, and quite recently, when the King of England heard how I bored through the hulls of the munition ships on the Theiss, he did me the honour to invite me to form a regiment of divers to ravage the enemy under water. - "The Slaves of the Padishah", Mór Jókai.