Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

Moist manure; filth.

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Usage examples "muck":

  1. Then forth in a hurry did they twain fare, The gent, and the son of the stout porter, Who fled like an arrow, nor turned a hair, Through all the mire and muck: " A ticket, a ticket, sir clerk, I pray: For by two of the clock must I needs away." - "Verses and Translations", C. S. C..
  2. He noted now that in all cases no chaparral grew up through the muck that had been thrown out. - "The Heritage of the Hills", Arthur P. Hankins.
  3. That is, unless they run 'igh in silver- he picked up a chunk of the ore from the muck pile where it had been deposited and studied it intently- but I don't see any pure silver sticking out in this stuff. - "The Cross-Cut", Courtney Ryley Cooper.