Part of speech: verb

To cast or slough off, as feathers.

Part of speech:

See MOLD, etc.

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Usage examples "moult":

  1. But suppose that this diet varies, that the environment in which they are called upon to live changes, that the circumstances accompanying their development are liable to great changes: it then becomes evident that the moult may and even must adapt the organization of the larva to these new conditions of existence. - "The Glow-Worm and Other Beetles", Jean Henri Fabre.
  2. The moult is thus completed and the pupa hangs securely all the time. - "The Life-Story of Insects", Geo. H. Carpenter.
  3. The inhabitants see gladly these guests arrive in the place; as the Burschen, on one such day, make a greater expenditure, or in common parlance, moult more feathers than as many honourable inhabitants of the little town do in a whole year. - "The Student-Life of Germany", William Howitt.