Part of speech: verb

To make a mortise in; join by a mortise.

Part of speech: noun

A space hollowed out to receive a tenon. mortice.

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Usage examples "mortis":

  1. Before Rigor Mortis could set in or the Undertaker had time to flash a Tape Measure, Aleck was up at the grief- stricken Home to cop out an Option on the Interest. - "Ade's Fables", George Ade.
  2. Indeed, it is doubtful whether he had ever had any, considering the fact of the malady, which had, as he says in a singularly manly and dignified commentatio mortis dated January 29, 1887, struck down his father and grandfather in middle life long before they came to his present age. - "Matthew Arnold", George Saintsbury.
  3. Besides, even in articulo mortis I can still earn, if I wish, at least seven plenary indulgences and shall be able to save others as I die. - "The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere", José Rizal.