Part of speech: participle


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Usage examples "moribund":

  1. As we pass down the rotten staircase, lit this time for our benefit with a moribund cocoanut oil lamp, we mark the Maratha labourer still sleeping heavily in his niche, dreaming perhaps amid the heavy odours of the house of the fresh wind- swept uplands of his Deccan home. - "By-Ways of Bombay", S. M. Edwardes, C.V.O..
  2. The moribund Congress of the Confederation, with its delegates chosen by the state assemblies, and casting its vote simply by states, had utterly failed to serve as a national legislature. - "The Critical Period of American History", John Fiske.
  3. Then for a time the fiction of Scottish character went moribund. - "My Contemporaries In Fiction", David Christie Murray.