Part of speech: verb

To secure a monopoly of; control; engross.

Part of speech: noun

Monopolizer or monopoliser.

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Usage examples "monopolize":

  1. This friendship was the result of my diplomacy in having sent him valuable presents from Masindi, together with a letter warning him against Kabba Rega, who wished to prevent the goods of the north from reaching Uganda, in order that he might monopolize the trade in Unyoro. - "Ismailia", Samuel W. Baker.
  2. Land the captains of industry have not monopolized, and labor imbued with the spirit of ownership they cannot monopolize. - "The Dollar Hen", Milo M. Hastings.
  3. But she said that geography mustn't monopolize all the days, and next day, although she wasn't sure, probably there would be a session with Mr. Arithmetic. - "Marjorie's New Friend", Carolyn Wells.