Part of speech: noun

An indestructible unit; atom.

Part of speech: noun

Biol. A minute simple single celled organism.

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Usage examples "monad":

  1. This was put forth as an unanswerable objection to the immortality of the human spirit, for it was said one or the other horn of the dilemma must be taken; for as there is no break in the chain of beings, between man and animals, even to the monad, if a future life belongs to him, equally is it an inheritance of theirs; and if it be denied them, so must it be lost to him. - "Studies in the Out-Lying Fields of Psychic Science", Hudson Tuttle.
  2. The Father is He from whom went forth the Monad and the Spark of Light, and before this all the Worlds were dark nothings. - "The Gnôsis of the Light", F. Lamplugh.