Part of speech: noun


Part of speech: noun

The act of modulating or condition of being modulated.

Part of speech: noun

The change from one key to another during a place of music.

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Usage examples "modulation":

  1. The banks of archaic rock are covered with a thin soil which maintains so dense a tangle that the axe must clear a space for the smallest camp; their overhanging borders are of cedar and alder and puckerbush and osier; their waters are slightly colored by the juices of the swampland; following lines of minimum resistance, they twist gently or sharply every little way, and always to the voyager's delight, for the eye is unprepared for a beautiful vista, as the ear for a sudden and exquisite modulation in music. - "The So-called Human Race", Bert Leston Taylor.
  2. The problem of harmony therefore in practice reduces itself to that of modulation. - "Wagner's Tristan und Isolde", George Ainslie Hight.
  3. Whereas, by constant attention to the manner of using the voice, since they are in constant practice, it might be perfected in its modulation. - "The American Union Speaker", John D. Philbrick.