Part of speech: noun

A breech loading machine gun for firing bullets.

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Usage examples "mitrailleuse":

  1. But it must not be imagined that Mr. Whey was the proprietor of the vehicle; nor was he a chauffeur,- her American pride would not have permitted her to keep company with a chauffeur: he was the demonstrator for the Wizard, something of a wizard himself, as Lise had to admit when they whizzed over the tarvia of the Riverside Boulevard at fifty or sixty miles an hour with the miner cut out- a favourite diversion of Mr. Whey's, who did not feel he was going unless he was accompanied by a noise like that of a mitrailleuse in action. - "The Dwelling Place of Light, Complete", Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009.
  2. After trying in vain to get the frantic animal within twenty feet of our mitrailleuse, he gave it up. - "The Killer", Stewart Edward White.
  3. Fortunately for us, the Germans were concentrating their energies around Termonde, and the mitrailleuse standing on the path amongst the trees at the end of the garden seemed to have gone asleep. - "A Surgeon in Belgium", Henry Sessions Souttar.