Part of speech:

Less; used with negative or depreciatory force; as, misprize.

Part of speech:

Wrong; wrongly; used with nouns, verbs, and participles; as misconduct.

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Usage examples "mis":

  1. It is difficult not to mis- state, about so subtle a matter; but the attitude of these neighborhoods is not a lax one. - "A Northern Countryside", Rosalind Richards.
  2. " Hit goes to Mis Cheeseman's," said Nick; " en' at Mis Cheeseman's dey is calvry, on' at ole Young's Mill dey is calvry, but dey is on de yudda side o' de creek." - "Who Goes There?", Blackwood Ketcham Benson.
  3. Only such qualities as can be proved clearly to be mis- differentiations- i. - "The Truth About Woman", C. Gasquoine Hartley.