Part of speech: noun

One who makes bonnets, women's hats, etc.

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Usage examples "milliner":

  1. So as soon as the young men had gone, I sent a message to Mrs. Buffets, the dressmaker, and Mrs. Tibbetts, the milliner, asking them to do me the favor to call upon me at once, if possible. - "The Comstock Club", Charles Carroll Goodwin.
  2. Adrienne had carried it once to her employer, the milliner, with the intention of disposing of it, but the price offered was so greatly below what she knew to be the true value, that she would not sell it. - "Autobiography of a Pocket-Hankerchief", James Fenimore Cooper.
  3. The workroom- preferably one provided with a large table- is decorated with plates of fashionable hats borrowed from a milliner, advertisements of all sorts displaying bonnets, and half a dozen pattern hats previously made by the hostess. - "Games For All Occasions", Mary E. Blain.