What does the word militia mean?

Usage examples for militia

  1. And in all these years he was pushing forward and carrying through with unceasing and unspeakable vigour the great military dream of his life, the foundation of a National Militia and the extinction of Mercenary Companies. – Machiavelli, Volume I The Art of War; and The Prince by Niccol√≤ Machiavelli
  2. Orders had been issued for all the militia to turn out, but there was little response, for although few had any desire to risk their lives in the cause of the Stuarts, fewer still had any intention of fighting for the Hanoverians. – Bonnie Prince Charlie A Tale of Fontenoy and Culloden by G. A. Henty
  3. The small militia force was quite inadequate to deal with a population fully armed. – With the "Die-Hards" in Siberia by John Ward