Part of speech: verb

To taint, or become tainted, with mildew.

Part of speech: noun

A fungus or a mold caused by it, as on walls or clothing.

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Usage examples "mildew":

  1. If we could see Gaudenzio Ferrari's Crucifixion Chapel with its marvellous frescoes as strong and fresh in colour as they were three centuries and a half ago, and with its nearly thirty life- sized human figures and horses in good condition- not forgetting that, whatever Sir Henry Layard may say to the contrary, they are all by one hand; if, again, Tabachetti's great work was seen by us as it was seen by Tabachetti, and Morazzone's really fine background were not disfigured by damp and mildew, it can hardly be doubted that even " a cultivated eye" would find little difficulty in seeing these two chapels as among the very finest triumphs that have been vouchsafed to human genius; and surely, if this be so, it follows that we should rate them no lower even now. - "Ex Voto", Samuel Butler.
  2. " We shan't mildew even if we ain't taken in for a considerable spell," Bill said contentedly, and added an instant later: " Now Seth's come I don't see why we should stand 'round here any longer." - "An Amateur Fireman", James Otis.
  3. The fumes of stale tobacco- smoke hovered in the air, and mingled most unpleasantly with those of the lamp above, and of the mildew that penetrated through the walls just below the roof. - "El Dorado", Baroness Orczy.