Part of speech: noun

A mineral that cleaves in thin, tough, transparent to translucent scales; isinglass.

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Usage examples "mica":

  1. Other articles made by the Chitrakar are paper fans, paper globes for hanging to the roofs of houses, Chinese lanterns made either of paper or of mica covered with paper, and small caps of velvet embroidered with gold lace. - "The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India Volume II", R. V. Russell.
  2. He will find that one chick has eaten almost exclusively of millet seed, another has preferred cracked corn, another has filled up heavily on bits of beef scrap and mica crystal grit, while a fourth fancied oats and granulated bone. - "The Dollar Hen", Milo M. Hastings.
  3. His cunning little eyes glittered like bits of mica. - "'Twixt Land & Sea", Joseph Conrad.