Part of speech: adjective


Part of speech: adverb


Part of speech: noun

Philosophy; mental science; psychology.

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Usage examples "metaphysics":

  1. Occultism, metaphysics, science in many departments, literature ancient and modern, all in turn absorbed his attention and suggest a mental state impatient of the limits of the human faculties- the state of mind which he was afterwards so marvellously to reproduce in his Faust. - "The Youth of Goethe", Peter Hume Brown.
  2. You have got out of philosophy into metaphysics, ' said Prim. - "Wych Hazel", Susan and Anna Warner.
  3. He unfolded his views of life and the world, and soon introduced metaphysics, from whence the word was to emanate which should solve all mysteries. - "Peter Schlemihl", Adelbert von Chamisso.