What does the word Messieurs mean?

Usage examples for Messieurs

  1. " It is not necessary, messieurs," she said. – Alias The Lone Wolf by Louis Joseph Vance
  2. The prisoners were brought back to Quebec some days after in the custody of six Basques, who delivered to Champlain the following letter: " Messieurs:- I give you notice that I have received a commission from the king of Great Britain, my honoured lord and master, to take possession of the countries of Canada and Acadia, and for that purpose eighteen ships have been despatched, each taking the route ordered by His Majesty. – The Makers of Canada: Champlain by N. E. Dionne
  3. " Good evening, Messieurs," said Robert, remembering that he was to be spokesman. – The Hunters of the Hills by Joseph Altsheler