Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to merinos or their wool.

Part of speech: noun

A Spanish breed of fine wooled sheep.

Part of speech: noun

A fabric of or like merino wool.

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Usage examples "merino":

  1. Neither did she know that Alice's sudden movement towards the window was to hide the expression of her face; but when, a few days afterwards, she was herself presented with a handsome merino, which both Eugenia and Alice volunteered to make, she thought there was not in Dunwood a happier child than herself. - "Dora Deane", Mary J. Holmes.
  2. When interviewed in his private consulting- room, he presents himself in a black merino dressing- gown girt about with a red cord, in red slippers, a red flannel waistcoat, a red skull- cap. - "Balzac", Frederick Lawton.
  3. She was rather strangely dressed, Molly thought, in a red merino with a high white linen collar and a black satin tie, and she looked at Molly and Judy in their pretty evening gowns with evident disapproval. - "Molly Brown's Senior Days", Nell Speed.