Part of speech: noun

An appliance for projecting the voice a long distance without wires, as a large funnel- like speaking- trumpet.

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Usage examples "megaphone":

  1. " Now, boys," he continued, calling out to the crowd with a voice like a megaphone, " this afternoon at three- thirty - Hospital scene. - "Further Foolishness", Stephen Leacock.
  2. Almost the first thing which distracts my attention is a pestered- looking man with a pair of these here high leather leggings on, like he was fixing to go horse- back riding but in his frenzy has mislaid the horse; which he is full of authority and dashing to and fro with a big megaphone in one hand and in the other a bunch of wadded- up paper with writing on it. - "J. Poindexter, Colored", Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb.
  3. And above all the din could be heard the voice of Mr. Dickle, the stage manager, roaring directions through his megaphone. - "The Boy Scout Fire Fighters", Irving Crump.