Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to mechanics; materialistic; atomistic.

Part of speech: noun

One exercising a mechanical employment.

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Usage examples "mechanic":

  1. These people do not work with the fierce energy of the American mechanic, but their workday is from twelve to fourteen hours and, considering these long hours, they show great industry and conscientiousness. - "The Critic in the Orient", George Hamlin Fitch.
  2. But this man is a mechanic. - "Gossamer 1915", George A. Birmingham.
  3. It is this intellectual dignity, they say, that ennobles the painter's art; that lays the line between him and the mere mechanic; and produces those great effects in an instant, which eloquence and poetry, by slow and repeated efforts, are scarcely able to attain. - "Seven Discourses on Art", Joshua Reynolds.