Part of speech: verb

Same as MASK.

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Usage examples "masque":

  1. " Madame Masque, I have no history to tell. - "The Midnight Queen", May Agnes Fleming.
  2. The masque in Act i. - "Shakespeare and Music", Christopher Wilson.
  3. He bids the reformers in The Philosophical Review of Reform receive 'the onset of the cavalry, ' if it be sent to disperse their meetings, 'with folded arms, ' and 'not because active resistance is not justifiable, but because temperance and courage would produce greater advantages than the most decisive victory; ' and he gives them like advice in The Masque of Anarchy, for liberty, the poem cries, 'is love, ' and can make the rich man kiss its feet, and, like those who followed Christ, give away his goods and follow it throughout the world. - "Ideas of Good and Evil", William Butler Yeats.