Part of speech: noun

The rank of a marquis.

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Usage examples "marquisate":

  1. Don Louis de Roxas, nephew of the above, was charged with the same crime; he was exiled from Madrid, Valladolid, and Palencia, and prohibited from leaving Spain; his property was confiscated, and he was declared incapable of succeeding to the marquisate of Poza, which passed to his youngest brother. - "The History of the Inquisition of Spain from the Time of its Establishment to the Reign of Ferdinand VII.", Juan Antonio Llorente.
  2. In May Charles conferred on him a marquisate, and in August he prepared to renew the struggle. - "An Outline of the Relations between England and Scotland (500-1707)", Robert S. Rait.
  3. On this same Blue Peter, however, Wallis would have looked down from the height of his share of the marquisate as one of the lower orders- ignorant, vulgar, even dirty. - "The Marquis of Lossie", George MacDonald.