Part of speech: noun

A perennial culinary herb.

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Usage examples "marjoram":

  1. I remember that it has thyme in it, and sweet marjoram and summer savory, not to mention oysters and anchovies, a pound of butter, a bottle of claret and three or four oranges; he gives you your choice about two cloves of garlic, and says you need not have them unless you like. - "Hildegarde's Neighbors", Laura E. Richards.
  2. The seeds of sweet- marjoram are very minute, and must be covered very thinly with soil finely pulverized; sow in April or May, when the ground is in the best condition. - "The Home Acre", E. P. Roe.
  3. Lonely and sun- scorched, Chaumes seemed to me the very threshold of Limoise: it had its very odor, the mingled scent of wild thyme and sweet marjoram. - "The Story of a Child", Pierre Loti.