Part of speech: noun

A Polynesian native of New Zealand.

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Usage examples "maori":

  1. And she answered, " Yes," and she rose up in the water as beautiful as the wild white hawk, and stepped upon the edge of the bath as the shy white crane; and he threw garments over her and took her, and they proceeded to his house, and reposed there; and thenceforth, according to the ancient laws of the Maori, they were man and wife. - "Primitive Love and Love-Stories", Henry Theophilus Finck.
  2. A Chinese lady binds her feet, and an American her waist; a Maori woman slits her nose, and an English belle pierces her ears. - "Kalitan, Our Little Alaskan Cousin", Mary F. Nixon-Roulet.
  3. A Maori myth is very like a Greek myth. - "Modern Mythology", Andrew Lang.