Part of speech: adjective

Pertaining to a manor.

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Usage examples "manorial":

  1. This manorial system was perpetuated under English forms when the territory was conquered by the English and transformed into the colony of New York, where it had a chequered existence, and was eventually abolished as inconsistent with the free conditions of American settlement. - "Lord Elgin", John George Bourinot.
  2. He descended from the carriage, and walked into the grand manorial hall, vast enough to have lodged a hundred men, his wife on his arm, his head very high, his face very pale. - "A Terrible Secret", May Agnes Fleming.
  3. But all this little talk I only tell to show how good and soft Mrs. Hockin was; and her husband, in spite of all his self- opinion, and resolute talk about money and manorial dues, in his way, perhaps, was even less to be trusted to get his cash out of any poor and honest man. - "Erema My Father's Sin", R. D. Blackmore.