Part of speech: verb

To intrigue.

Part of speech: verb

To put through or perform evolutions.

Part of speech: noun

A movement, as of troops.

Part of speech: noun

Any dexterous or artful proceeding.

Part of speech:


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Usage examples "manoeuvre":

  1. The machinery for raising these bridges and letting them down again, was very curious; and Rollo and Mr. George were both glad, when, in coming to the bridge, they found it was up, as it gave them an opportunity to watch the manoeuvre of passing the vessel through. - "Rollo in Holland", Jacob Abbott.
  2. His manoeuvre had not been seen, and, lowering himself rapidly hand under hand, he gained the foot of the tree which had proved his salvation, torn and bleeding, but with every nerve of mind and body on the alert. - "With Haig on the Somme", D. H. Parry.
  3. The manoeuvre, so far as concerned its immediate purpose, was completely successful. - "Stories From Thucydides", H. L. Havell.