Part of speech: noun

A dwarf.

Part of speech: noun

A model of the human body.

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Usage examples "manikin":

  1. " Mother Manikin," you said, " has He, found you?" - "A Peep Behind the Scenes", Mrs. O. F. Walton.
  2. The students leaped down one after the other, and crowded around the fiddler to have a look at him, for they could not see him very well on the top of the coach; and when they discovered what a tiny manikin he was, they began to make merry again. - "Rico And Wiseli Rico And Stineli, And How Wiseli Was Provided For", Johanna Spyri.
  3. Then the Queen began to weep and cry, so that the manikin pitied her. - "Household Tales by Brothers Grimm", Grimm Brothers.