Part of speech: noun

The long hair on the neck of some animals.

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Usage examples "mane":

  1. " Oh, wait a minute," said my father, " and I'll give you just the things you need to make your mane all tidy and beautiful. - "My Father's Dragon", Ruth Stiles Gannett.
  2. " I mane, that you're here to meet with a man," said Davy. - "Capt'n Davy's Honeymoon 1893", Hall Caine.
  3. Jack looked up and saw the tossing mane and fiery eyes of the pony straining to its utmost speed, and above the tossing mane leaned forward the half- caste, his dark eyes shining with savage fire, his mouth widened in a cruel grin. - "Jack Haydon's Quest", John Finnemore.