Part of speech: adjective

Of or pertaining to Malthus ( 1766- 1824), an English economist who taught that the natural tendency of population is to increase so as to outrun the means of subsistence.

Part of speech: noun

A follower or adherent of Malthus.

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Usage examples "malthusian":

  1. That is the essence of the so- called Malthusian doctrine; and it is a truth which, to my mind, is as plain as the general proposition that a quantity which constantly increases will, some time or other, exceed any greater quantity the amount of which is fixed. - "Aphorisms and Reflections from the works of T. H. Huxley", Thomas Henry Huxley.
  2. At the same time he perceived that the Neo- Malthusian system might be abused- that is to say, rich persons who could well afford to bring up respectable- sized families might be tempted to restrict the number to one or two. - "The Life of Sir Richard Burton", Thomas Wright.
  3. Dickens had to be Malthusian about his spiritual children. - "Appreciations and Criticisms of the Works of Charles Dickens", G. K. Chesterton.