Part of speech: noun

A curse.

Part of speech: noun

An invocation of evil; imprecation; curse.

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Usage examples "malediction":

  1. But such was his mood that it could find no better expression than a malediction upon himself and the world in general. - "A Knight Of The Nineteenth Century", E. P. Roe.
  2. But now the Sicilian Muse returns, all the more lovely for the contrast with the stern malediction that has gone before. - "Minor Poems by Milton", John Milton.
  3. Once or twice was he disturbed from his revery by the whispered voice of an old serving- man, asking for something with that submissive manner assumed by those who are continually exposed to the outbreaks of another's temper; and at last the boy, who had hitherto scarcely deigned to notice the appeals to him, flung a bunch of keys contemptuously on the ground, with a muttered malediction on his tormentor. - "The Fortunes Of Glencore", Charles James Lever.