Part of speech: verb

To deprive of any part of the body; mutilate; disable.

Part of speech: noun

A crippling; mutilation; maiming.

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Usage examples "maim":

  1. Starve and freeze and maim for dividends. - "The Deluge", David Graham Phillips.
  2. The Vizier Mussapulta then ordered that one of his slaves should stay behind, and destroy and bury the lion; which he commanded to be done with the utmost caution, as Almurah had made a decree that if any subjects should wound, maim, or destroy any lion in his forests, the same should be put to death. - "Eastern Tales by Many Story Tellers", Various.
  3. If you don't choose to shoot me in a vital spot and so insure my death, you ought to maim me to prevent me from moving, leave me here and go and fetch the police from the village to take me into custody. - "The Intriguers", William Le Queux.