Part of speech: verb

To punish by lynch law; from Charles Lynch, of Virginia, who took summary measures against malcontents during the Revolutionary war.

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Usage examples "lynch":

  1. Mr. Blylie, who came to market this morning, told me a crowd had tried to lynch the fellow last night." - "Virginia", Ellen Glasgow.
  2. " No, I don't see that it makes any difference," Lynch said slowly, a hard calm covering his roused emotions. - "Bruce of the Circle A", Harold Titus.
  3. Presently the other girls would come trailing in, the " old guard," to talk over the events of that busy first day: Margaret Wakefield, bursting with opinions about politics and woman's suffrage; pretty Jessie Lynch, and the Williams sisters whose dark lustrous eyes seemed to see beyond the outer crust of things. - "Molly Brown's Senior Days", Nell Speed.