What does the word luxuriance mean?

    Part of speech: noun

  • Luxuriancy.

Usage examples for luxuriance

  1. Nor would anyone have wished it otherwise, having once seen that glorious mass, with all its wonderful possibilities of rippling luxuriance. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1896 to 1901 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  2. So much depends on our being comfortable in our enjoyments, that we have, perhaps, erred on the side of luxuriance; but to those anglers who think so, there is nothing easier than their leaving out what they think superfluous. – Scotch Loch-Fishing by AKA Black Palmer, William Senior
  3. Now the grass grows in wild luxuriance over the pavement, and the ivy clings to the old walls of that noble room, in which, perhaps, the most noteworthy of all recorded meetings between king and subject then took place. – Joan of Arc by Ronald Sutherland Gower