Part of speech: verb

To fill with or deal in lumber; encumber; heap in disorder.

Part of speech: verb

To move heavily; rumble.

Part of speech: noun

Timber sawed into merchantable form, especially boards; also, rubbish.

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Usage examples "lumber":

  1. Though Mrs. Bobbsey was very much interested in Chicago, and though Mr. Bobbsey was glad to get there to look after some matters of his lumber business, I must admit that none of the Bobbsey twins thought a great deal of the big city. - "The Bobbsey Twins in the Great West", Laura Lee Hope.
  2. The Baron de Castine was an old and not very valuable vessel, bound with lumber from the coast of Maine to Cuba. - "Cruise and Captures of the Alabama", Albert M. Goodrich.
  3. The room we had always called the lumber- room was over it, and nearly as large. - "Wilfrid Cumbermede", George MacDonald.