Part of speech: adjective

Strongly disinclined; reluctant.

Part of speech: adjective


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Usage examples "loth":

  1. Now I am loth, I confess, to lose him, he having been the best friend I have had ever in this office. - "Diary of Samuel Pepys, Complete Transcribed From The Shorthand Manuscript In The Pepysian Library Magdalene College Cambridge By The Rev. Mynors Bright", Samuel Pepys Commentator: Lord Braybrooke.
  2. He would try them before resorting to the expedient of employing a detective, which he was loth to do until all other means failed. - "The Shadow of the East", E. M. Hull.
  3. Spring came and passed while there, and they were loth to leave a place where they had been so happy; at last a sudden failure in Emily's health occurred, and Dr. Jeremy's peremptory command caused them to seek the country air. - "The Lamplighter", Maria S. Cummins.