Part of speech: noun

A four- wheeled platform wagon.

Part of speech: noun

A motor- car for heavy roads.

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Usage examples "lorry":

  1. From here the last stage of 200 miles has been covered by ox or mule or horse transport, and the all- conquering motor lorry, over these bush tracks to Morogoro. - "Sketches of the East Africa Campaign", Robert Valentine Dolbey.
  2. " Tuppy" also appreciated that lorry, and when we set off to draw rations, lying almost flat, the tips of his ears could just be seen from the front on a line with the top of my cap. - "Fanny Goes to War", Pat Beauchamp.
  3. How's business at the lorry- hangars and maintenance- yard? - "Uller Uprising", Henry Beam Piper, John D. Clark and John F. Carr.