Part of speech: noun

Learning; erudition.

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Usage examples "lore":

  1. Milton no doubt kept on hand many loose passages of poetry, both original and borrowed, ready to be worked up into larger pieces; all poets are smothered in odd scraps of verse and lore which they 'fit in' as occasion requires; and it is therefore quite possible that some fragments now included in 'Paradise Lost' may have been complete before the 'Adamo Caduto' was printed. - "Old Calabria", Norman Douglas.
  2. No one questions his knowledge of wild woodland lore. - "Garden-Craft Old and New", John D. Sedding.
  3. Already she is wise in the lore of women's ways, especially young married women who make a bid for the attention of gentlemen. - "Floyd Grandon's Honor", Amanda Minnie Douglas.