Part of speech: noun

A migratory, grasshopper like insect.

Part of speech: noun

A cicada, as the seventeen year locust.

Part of speech: noun

North American tree, with rough bark and white flowers.

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Usage examples "locust":

  1. In ecclesiastical art St. John Baptist is variously represented, with a lamb on a book, small cross, close crown or cap; with tunic of camel's hair; cope fastened with two leather thongs crossed; with lamb and locust; his head on a dish. - "The American Church Dictionary and Cyclopedia", William James Miller.
  2. May says she wishes that locust would keep quiet. - "The Insect Folk", Margaret Warner Morley.
  3. Cedar and locust are preferable if you wish pretty rustic effects. - "Garden Ornaments", Mary H. Northend.