Part of speech: noun

An idler; vagrant.

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Usage examples "loafer":

  1. I'm still in my bed when I'm aroused by an insolent loafer who calls himself a walking delegate and tells me his union won't load me until I pay some absurd sum. - "The Silver Horde", Rex Beach.
  2. He had a pittance of his own, derived from his parents who were both dead,- but he had nothing further to look to, as his uncle, who in the course of time would succeed to the estate, openly flouted him for a " loafer," and made no secret of his opinion that the money spent on his hunters and keepers would have been better bestowed upon almost anything else. - "Leonore Stubbs", L. B. Walford.
  3. Say, she had the busy bee lookin' like a corner loafer with his hands in his pockets! - "Shorty McCabe on the Job", Sewell Ford.