Part of speech: noun

A bulbous plant having elegant, often pure- white, flowers.

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Usage examples "lily":

  1. She I love hath all delight, Rosy- red with lily- white, And whoe'er your mistress be, Flesh and blood as good as she. - "Pastoral Poems by Nicholas Breton, Selected Poetry by George Wither, and Pastoral Poetry by William Browne (of Tavistock)", Nicholas Breton, George Wither, and William Browne (of Tavistock).
  2. Then there was our lily pond. - "The House of Torchy", Sewell Ford.
  3. About her clung a dim atmosphere of the languid and exotic, like the lily's scent which is so unlike the lily. - "Joanna Godden", Sheila Kaye-Smith.