Part of speech: noun

A hurt; loss; injury.

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Usage examples "lesion":

  1. But when once the lesion to the national honour has been ascertained, appraised and duly exhibited by those persons whose place in the national economy it is to look after all that sort of thing, the common man will be found nowise behindhand about resenting the evil usage of which he so, by force of interpretation, has been a victim. - "An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation", Thorstein Veblen.
  2. The very force of his emotions had permanently disturbed his poise, or perhaps effected some obscure lesion in his brain. - "The Iron Trail", Rex Beach.
  3. When a lesion occurs in one of the areas of the brain in the speech zone in which the requisite memories of words seen or heard have their seat- as when a ball player is struck over the sight centre in the back of the head- special forms of sensory aphasia show themselves. - "The Story of the Mind", James Mark Baldwin.