Part of speech: adjective

Loyal; true - hearted; faithful.

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Usage examples "leal":

  1. Hot blinding tears stream down Dido's stricken face as she steals on board her galley in the harbour of Tyre; for nights she will not close her heavy eyes, lest a dead man should stand by her couch pointing to the gash of Pygmalion's dagger; the boldest of her true friends and leal vassals dares not trouble with a word of comfort that great hopeless sorrow. - "Barren Honour: A Novel", George A. Lawrence.
  2. Couldna ye put up with a leal Scot, like Glenuskie there? - "Two Penniless Princesses", Charlotte M. Yonge.
  3. And when from mass they issued, all gathered in one place, And the King did not tarry but began his speech apace: Hear me now, counts and nobles, and all my henchmen leal- Unto my lord Cid Campeador I needst must make appeal. - "The Lay of the Cid", R. Selden Rose and Leonard Bacon.