Part of speech: verb

To pass or allow to pass in or out undesignedly, as a liquid.

Part of speech: noun

An opening letting a fluid in or out undersignedly.

Part of speech: noun


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Usage examples "leak":

  1. It was disheartening, but if we could only get at the leak and stop some of the water from flowing into her, we might get her up a bit and then she would move faster. - "Mr. Trunnell", T. Jenkins Hains.
  2. He turned from the screen and went to the bathroom, took a leak and washed Marjeel's taint from his hands, then combed his hair and headed back out to the bedroom. - "An Encounter in Atlanta", Ed Howdershelt.
  3. Perhaps he might stop the leak. - "Lost in the Fog", James De Mille.