Part of speech: adjective

Abounding in leaves.

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Usage examples "leafy":

  1. No, I like early morning- especially in spring, when it's beginning to get leafy. - "The Dark Flower", John Galsworthy.
  2. I hear, as it were, the patter of their feet- flower and buds, and the beautiful clouds that go over, with the sweet rush of rain and burst of sun glory among the leafy trees. - "The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies", Walter Besant.
  3. Accidentally, or by instinct, he turned his steps to the little grove which he knew was Oriana's favorite haunt; and there, indeed, she sat, upon the rustic bench, above which the drooping limbs of the willow formed a leafy canopy. - "Fort Lafayette or, Love and Secession", Benjamin Wood.