Part of speech: adjective

Crowned with laurel.

Part of speech: noun

The poet invested with the title of laureate by the crown.

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Usage examples "laureate":

  1. The substance with which he worked, indeed, is so good that there would be a difficulty in spoiling it completely; but the prose of the translation in the English Bible, faultless as it is, loses nothing in Bunyan's hands, and if we found these poems in the collected works of a poet laureate, we should consider that a difficult task had been accomplished successfully. - "Bunyan", James Anthony Froude.
  2. Suffice it to say that ten years after the production Shadwell became Poet Laureate! - "Shakespeare and Music", Christopher Wilson.
  3. I thought I would pay a particular compliment to my English hostess on that occasion by choosing a song the words of which were written by England's Poet Laureate, so I provided myself with the lovely setting of Tears, Idle Tears; music written by an American, W. H. Cook by name, who besides being a composer of music possessed a charming tenor voice. - "Memoirs of an American Prima Donna", Clara Louise Kellogg.